Being a person who has never co-habitated with a cat, all this is new to me.  Litter boxes, allergies and not feeding it Teddy Grahams.  However, one of my biggest gripes would be that the litter gets everywhere, even though the litter box was covered.  This is not comfortable and makes a mess.  However Cat (yes, that is his name) is beginning to get a little too comfortable and doesn’t feel bothered to cover his excrement anymore.  This is not a good thing to smell while you’re trying to make Pizza Pockets in the kitchen.

So I suggested to my girlfriend that we train him to use the toilet.  As a librarian and a previous cat owner, I figured she already knew of such a cat dropping receptacle.  She did not however and was quickly schooled in human/cat toilet training via youtube

Anyway, our first step to this was to order such a cat training device:  This is basically a thing you put in your toilet to simulate a littler box that slowly shrinks and gets your cat used to going on the toilet.

So once we got the thing, we switched his litter to flushable litter and mixed it with his normal litter.

Next we moved his litter box to the bathroom without the lid and put it next to the toilet.

Cat status: Confused, jittery, unsure and uneasy.
Prediction for tomorrow:  Litter everywhere , or cat going shit in the trash can where we put his old litter.`