I think it is well established that I’m not a great blogger.  When there’s stuff going on, I’m happy to report or discuss, but since I’ve basically been working 50-60 hours per week for the past few months, there hasn’t been much else to talk about.   But in the next month, I’m going to be moving in with my boyfriend, which I believe will present a whole new set of adventures/challenges to discuss on the internets with strangers.  I’m also making D an administrator so that he can post and tweak everything as well, hopefully giving you dear loyal readers something to actually read/look at when I’m being lazy.

I’ve also decided to switch from Typepad to WordPress.  I have a lot of friends on WordPress, and they like it a lot.  From what I’ve seen so far, it seems far more customizable than Typepad (without me having to know a lot of code); in addition, I get everything I paid for at Typepad for free at WordPress, so yay.  I own my domain name at blankjane.com for at least another year, so I’m going to work on getting that forwarded to my WordPress blog.  I’ve already imported all of the blog posts/comments.

I’ve also changed the name of the blog to Way Down Yonder, since Blank Jane was really a single venture.  I was brainstorming titles like Wild Blue Yonder.  I really like that combination of words (though I have nothing to do with the Air Force), but it was taken.  Various other incarnations of that phrase were also taken, and Doug made me realize that I just really like the word “yonder.” It evokes a folksy feeling, reminding me of my Tennessee (from my father) and West Virginia (from my mother) roots, and traditional songs from my childhood.  But more than that, “yonder” is, colloquially,  some undefined (but almost always good) place.  That’s the feeling I’m looking to capture, and the place I’m trying to reach – somewhere mysterious, but vaguely pleasing.
The changes should all be complete within the next couple of weeks, and I hope to see you lurking around soon!