Okay, so I fail at participating in NaBloPoMo.  I missed a day yesterday.  Though really, if my posts continued to be written in the last 5 minutes before I went to sleep, they weren't going to improve, were they? Well then.

As I wrote before, I do think I'm going to like the new job, and probably won't die from only two consecutive 13.5 hour workdays (though I may complain about it later).  And of course, there are people I think I'll get along with right away, and others not so much.  But I guess that's par for the course wherever one works.

I was thinking the other day about all of the fantastic things happening in my life right now (new job, new car, new boyfriend) and how I totally deserve them all (I worked my ass off in school, drove a piece of shit for near 10 years, and dated so many less-than-worthy male specimens), and then I thought about how I wouldn't have any of them if I hadn't been open to possibilities.  Let's face it, I had a one track mind on moving to Chicago.  I wasn't looking for any of those things (well, to be fair, I was looking for a job, just not in Indiana).  And I'm still not going to stay in the Hoosier state for too long, but certainly the good stuff has enticed me to tarry awhile longer.

I'm not really sure where this post is heading, except to maybe say that one should be willing to ditch "the plan" every once in a while.  You are welcome.