This weekend, I went to the symphony two nights in a row. I'm so very cultured ; )

The first night, I was helping a friend who works for an advertising agency hand out some stuff, and we listened to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra play music by Led Zeppelin in the background.

The next night, that same friend and I (+ 1) went to hear the same symphony, but this time at Connor Prairie for Symphony on the Prairie. Basically everyone who attends brings a picnic dinner, and it is a fantastic time.  I brought Korbel, a nice pinot noir, tabouli and hummus in pita, cheese and crackers, and strawberries and Nutella.  And that's just what came in my basket- my friends brought along lots of goodies as well!

For this particular evening, the orchestra was playing the music from Harry Potter, making it all the more magical as the sun set over the field.  Children were running around everywhere with wands, dueling, and we picked out all the characters from among them.  Here's Harry:


And OMG isn't he the cutest? There was a squirrelly little blonde boy (who kept trying to pick fights with him) that was clearly Malfoy, but it was hard to get a picture of him.

The music was no less magical than when in the theatre, and I still got goosebumps, as if I was starting on a grand adventure. In all, it was a lovely evening.  The rest of my weekend consisted of lying around the pool and generally being lazy, which was also obviously lovely, but I don't have pictures of that. Also? I don't have pictures of my hair yet. But probably I'll get some before it grows out again, so fear not.

Ooh, I almost forgot, I asked the universe for a sign last week that I'm still supposed to move to Chicago, and the next day, a man gave me a free bicycle (which would be one of my main modes of transportation there). And it's a pretty good bike, too.

Sometimes, I win at life.