As I'm sure you've noticed if you check my blog with any frequency (say, once a month) that my posting has become more and more sporadic.  The thing is, I've seriously had nothing going on, outside of working and looking for a new job. 

I've thought numerous times about just scrapping this site and blog and saying to hell with it all.

Yet I know that someday something will happen, and when that day comes, I will want to share it with my friends and family and complete strangers on the interwebs.  These things might include: A) getting a job B) moving to Chicago C) adjusting to life in a new city and/or D) developing powers of telekinesis.

But until one of these things occurs, this will probably be a pretty quiet place.

Things I have (and haven't) done lately:

  • Submitted resumes and cover letters to approximately 23,465 places.  On the plus side I have only officially been turned down by two of them.  On the downside, I learned recently that probably most of the jobs I've been applying for had applicants numbering well into the triple digits.  So there's that.
  • Went to Goenpalooza, which is apparently a large redneck festival out in the middle of fields where I live.  I faintly recall hearing something of it in the past, but had never been until this year.  I only went for one day of the three-day festival of booze and bands, but that did me just fine.  Believe me, I was still feeling the effects well into the next day.  I was invited by a friend, Luke, whom I consider to be a good friend.  Granted, we haven't hung out too often, but we just "get" each other.
  • Found out my favorite SLIS professor was denied tenure.  I am absolutely heartbroken about this.  I need to remember to write her a super recommendation on LinkedIn.
  • Exercising (at least at the gym) has fallen by the wayside, as my gym buddy now has a good boyfriend and so has become ze flake.  I don't really blame her, but it would be nice to still have that time together.  And I guess I could go by myself, but that's sooo not as much fun, and requires me to charge my iPod more often.

There isn't much more to say for now.  I've got a relatively busy week ahead, though, so I might have more to write about soon. But just in case, don't hold your breath.