Since my working like a mad woman finishing up my graduate studies is now over, I present to you my most recent adventures (in outline form).

 1. Graduated with my Master of Library Science degree. I'm officially a librarian! Now to find a job…

Don't I look just like I've stepped out of an HP book?  Seriously, all I needed was a wand. 

At the school ceremony after the big university one, they made us give thank you speeches, though neglected to tell us we were doing them until 5 minutes before. I didn't have time to prepare, and didn't want to do it anyway.  It's all quite a blur as to what I actually said up there, but I do know that I finished by saying, "You guys are awesome."  Which is so very academic.

2.  Went to Louisville to visit a friend.
    A. The brakes locked up on my car, and I broke down 70 miles north of Louisville. I was convinced I was going to die on the side of the highway…since I was inches away from the line on the side of the road, and couldn't pull over any farther because my wheel absolutely wasn't going to budge, I was obviously going to be clipped by a semi and yanked into more oncoming traffic (it was rush hour, to top it all off).  After an hour, a stranger stopped, took my wheel off and told me the problem, went to buy a bolt to replace the one that had fallen off and caused the whole mess, went and bought another bolt because that had been the wrong one, and put it on for me just as the sky opened up.  And he wanted nothing in return, since someone helped him and his wife for nothing when they were broke down once in Tennessee.  I am ever so grateful! Now I have to help someone else (though obviously not with my mechanical abilities).
    B. Went cycling in Southern Indiana. Where "pretty flat" actually means "lots of small hills."  Surprisingly, my legs and butt were not sore the next day, but my arms were.  Explain that.  And, since it was like the first time I'd ridden a bike in about 10 years…well, let's just say I was way more wobbly than I remember being.  That old adage may not necessarily be true, but it doesn't stop me from wanting to try again.  Also, got an amazing (and by amazing, I mean horrible) farmer's tan while riding.
    C. Went to prom.  Okay, it wasn't a real prom, but we all dressed fancy and danced and drank and a good time was had by all.
    D. Bought a chair.  This has become a pattern when I visit Joyce, because I have two other chairs from previous trips.  But I just had to have this one, since it's the chair I see in my daydreams when I think of my bedroom in my next apartment.
    E. Went to a black southern Baptist church.  It was kind of awesome, and by kind of, I mean COMPLETELY.  Imagine Blues Brothers, without the actual Blues Brothers or James Brown. Lots of Hallelujahs, Amens, "Can I get a witness?", spontaneous fits of dancing and sprinting, and the occasional parishioner who just had to break out their own tambourine.  The only part I didn't like was that it was about two hours too long.

3.  Still applying to jobs in Chicago.  Except now I have to also get another part-time job here in town to save up for moving when I do get a job in Chicago.  I'm slightly discouraged, even though I knew it probably wouldn't happen right away.  I think I just need to become independently wealthy, then I won't have to worry about this job business at all…just move and travel wherever my heart desires!