It was Spring break where I go to school was last week, but I still had to work, so no break for me.  What I did do, however, was find a way around my Lenten abstinence of buying clothes.  I went shopping with my mom and found a jacket I love so very, very much that I just had to have it.  I didn't bring my money or cards with me just in case I was tempted, but this jacket was ON SALE and also FIT PERFECTLY.  It was also the last one, and that doesn't come along every day.  So I worked it out with my mom that she would buy it for me and I would start paying it back after Lent, that way I won't really be buying anything during that time.  Some say that is cheating, but I just call it crafty.  Pictures to come, because it's that lovely.

Over the weekend I went camping with my brother, and though we had a major argument on the way home, it was a good time in all.  I learned two major things during this trip: 1) It is illegal to catch frogs in Indiana without a hunting permit, something I noticed on a sign in the park ranger's office (though apparently the park ranger himself was unaware of this law that was posted directly next to his head) and 2) it is entirely possible to heat water over a fire using a used pop can (that was my MacGyver-like idea…it made the best tea ever!).

This week it is Spring break where I work, though the library is still open, so I'm still here.  On the plus side, I get to wear jeans all week and basically do nothing (except for the homework I have now that school is back in session for me).

And since there's really no good way to segue into this, I got stuck in an elevator last night in the law school after my law librarianship class.  I would normally take the stairs (since it's only 3 floors), but I was talking to two classmates who were taking the elevator.  We got in and it took us to the first floor (or so it said), but then refused to open the doors, no matter how many buttons we pushed.  We stood there for a moment (and I mentally noted that it was a positive that we all had just come from the restroom if we were going to be stuck in there a long time) then pressed the emergency button.  While we were talking on that little speaker to an operator, the elevator started moving again (of course, after you've alerted the authorities) and let us out.

Good thing I'm not claustrophobic.  Are you?