I am Irish, you know.  Well, also Welsh and Scottish (and if you want something not Celtic, Cherokee)…more of a mutt…but I still think the Irish entitles me to really celebrate this holiday.  I'll be drinking Guinness at home (Yay rah! Exciting!).

School has been crazy busy, and I think we established long ago that I'm a bad blogger, so I won't keep apologizing for it.  But this week, my pretties, is my Spring Break (though just where I go to school, not the school at which I work).  I'm still working this week (just sans homework), so I figured why not throw a post out there, eh?

My Lenten pledge to not buy any clothing, shoes, or books has been going fairly well, though yea I have been tempted mightily.  I sort of extended the ban to dvds as well–the other night I bought two online, went to bed, then lied awake thinking about how I shouldn't have done that and didn't really need them, only to get up, log back on, and cancel my order.  I was both proud of myself and a little sad inside.

But I have been planning for Easter, when I can once again go out and buy everything in sight make a small, discretionary purchase.  My bank gives out these reward points for everything you buy, and I have finally claimed a good number of them in the form of two gift cards to American Eagle. They'll be good for renewing the basics come warm weather (which has been creeping around lately).  I don't really even know what I'm going to buy, but that does really matter, does it?  It's the fact that I will be buying something that thrills me so(that should be sad, shouldn't it? And yet it's not…).

I'll leave you this day with a completely unrelated thing my mom said to me last night, about a guy I never dated and she has only met once:

"He was The One, and you blew it."

Thanks, Mom.  Thanks for the encouragement.