Okay, so it has been like 3 weeks since I posted, which is absolutely horrid, I know.  I've had tons of homework and actual work to do at my job, so that sort of precludes any blog postings.  I have had some interesting developments going on, though those will mostly be posted in LHOOQ.

Last night I saw Confessions of a Shopaholic.  It was…beautiful.  The fact that I believe that and that I just about drooled at her description of shopping at her first Shopaholics Anonymous meeting leads me to believe that I may, in fact, be a shopaholic.  When I announced that conclusion upon my return home, my mother exclaimed, "Well, DUH!"  I seriously get starry-eyed just thinking about going shopping.  But alas, dear reader, I cannot sate my addiction, since much like the main character of the film, I, too, maxed out a credit card.  Although apparently my one credit card has a much higher limit than most of hers, because she had something like 12 of them, but only spent twice as much as me. ANYWAY, moving along, nothing to see here folks…

My car continues to be a source of heartache, as the driver's side door still will not open, I had to replace one of the brakes last week, the shocks are gone on the back, and my speakers are blown and making horrible crackly noises.  That, and with all of the having to crawl across to be able to drive (including all of the overweight mechanics trying to do the same), the latch that kept my center console shut tight has broken.  I really cannot wait to move where I won't need a car.

And speaking of the move to Chicago…during the time when I wasn't blogging, I turned in my resume, cover letter, and references to a lovely job at a university there.  I've got three more printed out to look at and for which I need to write cover letters, which may or may not happen this weekend.  I've also been trying to box up all of the things that I think I won't need before the move, which has mostly included a lot of books. 

Of course, after I had packed up about 8 boxes of books, I realized that I needed two of the books, not knowing which boxes they were in, so that was fun–opening them all back up, unpacking and then repacking them.

I've carted off most of the boxes to my grandparents' barn so that I no longer have to live in a room full of boxes and tubs.  It was getting pretty bad there for a while, and my room is still a pit because now I have to clear out all the things that I couldn't put back in their proper spots before because of the boxes.  And so, I have resolved to make this next weekend a spring cleaning event.

My question for you, dear reader, is this:  When do you usually do your spring cleaning?  Year round? Once a year? Once in a blue moon?  Or alternatively, you can give me a good reason why I don't need this dress.