This is what I found in one of my inboxes today (names/identifying info blacked out, obv):


A closer look:


WOW! How DID they know that I wanted to have their child?  That I had been dreaming about it every since I was a little girl!  And to think, they've been quietly waiting for me this entire time, waiting until the day when they could contact me via email to inform me of the amazing life I am going to live with them…I just had to open it (links disabled, of course).

Text from the first email:  "***so sweet body and sugar lips***,My body is a miracle that I will share with you!"

Text from the second: "The memories of you are precious to me.,An AWESOME BRUNETTE! SEXY, BEAUTIFUL,"

I am obviously a very lucky woman to be chosen by this spammer from Russia.  Even though he doesn't know the color of my hair, and won't give me his name.  But when you're in love, you can look past things like that.