Prior to the New Year, I looked up various traditions that were supposed to assure good luck/insert-similar-sentiment-here.  One of these traditions in which I decided to partake was the eating of fish.  I decided to choose some potato-encrusted cod, which is one of the only kinds of fish I like. So on New Year's Day, I baked the filets of potato cod; they were delicious and very much enjoyed by all. The problem came a couple of days later when I decided to reheat the remaining filet for dinner.  Being both a) lazy and b) hungry, I decided to warm it up in the microwave.

Big mistake. 

Like the creation of some of the greatest superheroes and villains, there was an accident, a sort of chemical reaction, the result being that the entire house smelled like fish. This shouldn't have been a real problem; I mean, you cook fish, the house will smell like fish for a couple of hours, right?  But days later, we found ourselves walking into clouds of fish. Most of the time, the fish smell was relegated to the living room (which is just adjacent to the kitchen), but on occasion it could be found at the opposite end of the house.  We thought the smell would soon dissipate…I mean, why wouldn't it?

But weeks later, the smell remained. It would stalk us in large clouds in the living room; we'd just be walking around or sitting and watching a bit of tv, then the rank odor would attack our senses.  I don't think I'm clearly representing the full horror of it– it truly is something that has to be experienced to be understood. My brother said that if the ceiling started to crack and then lots of fish fell through it onto the floor, he would not be surprised, and I concurred.  My mom has made her boyfriend lift up the couch three times because she thinks someone must have hidden a rotting fish beneath it.

We tried nearly everything…fans, vacuuming, various sprays (including those I've seen on tv specifically addressing fish),  but nothing seemed to work.  We just chalked it up to the poor air circulation in the house, among other things.  Finally the weather got above freezing yesterday and we decided to open the windows with the addition of the fan, to let the great outdoors take care of our problem. So far it seems to have done the trick….

…and as I wrote that, my mom walked past the coffee table and smelled it again.  I walked over and verified it. 

Well, SHIT.

Never again will we cook fish in the house…never again.