You may know from my last blog, dear reader, that I have high hopes for this next year.  Though I believe in hard work and positive thinking, I'll use all the help I can get in making it all come true.  So, I set about looking up all kinds of things online to help along my luck.  Here's a rundown of it all (without citing my sources; I'm sure you can google them yourself):

  • Wore red underwear.  This is supposed to bring love in the new year.  Yellow is supposed to bring money/general luck.  I would have worn two pairs at once, but it turns out I don't have any yellow underwear.
  • Champagne toast at midnight.  I'm not sure that that is really good luck, just tradition.
  • Opened the front door to "let the old year out and let the new year in."
  • Went to a website online where you type in your wish or resolution, and they print it out on a small piece of paper and release it with the confetti in Time's Square.  So, my two wishes floated above the crowd in NYC.
  • Ate cabbage a little after midnight.  Raw, because I don't like cooked cabbage.
  • Also ate lentil soup for dinner last night.  Well, a few bites of it anyway…I burnt it as I forgot about it and went to rummage around in my movies.
  • Ate black-eyed peas this morning, and pancakes.
  • Happened to catch the clock at 11:11 this morning, made a wish.
  • Am eating cod tonight (potato encrusted…YUM!)

That's all I can think of at the moment.  Hopefully all of this will have some sort of positive effect!  Do you have any New Year's Eve/Day traditions?  Feel free to share!