I've had an interminably long 2008.  I've been in grad school for library science the entire year, and lived with my mom to save money.  Both of those things brought a host of problems with them.  I worked the whole year at a local community college in the library, and was often mistaken for a high school student.  I learned never to take summer classes, especially in grad school, because they are ridiculously hard (good to know for my next life).  My car has provided no end of troubles.  I learned that I really value alone time.  I remembered that I love my family so much more when I'm not around them.  I was in a relationship with John when the year came in, but am happily single now.  I have probably doubled the number of books I own this year, and that is really saying something.  I saw lots of shooting stars.  My shortlist of places to move next year was Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia.  My list was narrowed down to just Chicago after a couple of fabulous trips there (especially the one on the 4th of July).  I started listening more, and correcting people less.  I made new friends, some that seem as though they will stick.  I rang in last year at a gay club in Louisville, and it was so much fun, fabulous in every way; 2009 will probably be the last New Year to greet me in Indiana, my home.

As for 2009, I have high hopes.  In May, I'll be graduating with my Master of Library Science, and hopefully getting a good library job in Chicago soon after.  God willing, I'll then be making the big move up to the big city, and a whole new kind of life; I really want to excel and grow in my new job and new city. I hope I'll be able to keep in touch with all of my friends from home, and I'm sure with the miracle of technology, I will.  I really want to be able to go on my first big trip (at least that I'm paying for) next year, maybe to Morocco or South Africa.  And I want to take in all the love I can find (and hopefully that will be a lot!).

So here's to 2009:  I hope it exceeds my wildest expectations, and that it is everything you wish it to be as well!