I just got back from seeing Marley and Me. I already knew **big spoiler folks! ::rolling my eyes::**  that the dog dies.  Alas, my mom did not know, and it was her idea to go catch a movie together.  Still, even with my knowing what was going to happen, I cried.

But, dear reader, it wasn't just a little cry at the end.  I wanted to start crying as soon as Jennifer Aniston stepped into the pen with all of the puppies, basically at the beginning of the movie.  And it just continued from there, about every 10 minutes.  I had to stifle myself, because it would not have just been a little cry — oh no, it would have been an all out shoulder-wracking sob LOUD.  And so I held it in and made a strange little laugh (what I do when I'm trying not to cry), but then my eyes started leaking and couldn't be stopped.  At least the leaking was quieter than the sobbing would have been.

Good part of the movie?  The previews!  Confessions of a Shopaholic looks divine, and actually, I can totally relate to it especially that whole spending $9000+ on one's credit card thing.  Also?  Isla Fisher!  Love her!  Other preview I really want to see:  He's Just Not That Into You.

That's all for now.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll regale you with descriptions of the hives that decided to get a timeshare around my eyes a couple of months ago.  They've been back quite a few times to check out their investment, much to my dismay.  Currently reaching for the steroid cream the dermatologist gave me to send them packing…