…when I wish I either didn't need a car or had a garage.

My car doors were frozen shut this morning, making me almost an hour late for work.  Actually, I'm not sure if the driver's side door was frozen or not, because I can no longer open it from the outside anymore.  Because, dear reader, on Monday the handle for my driver's side door broke.  This is not the first time it has happened, but certainly the most inconvenient time, being winter and all.  The last time was during a summer, so I could leave the window cracked enough to reach my arm inside and unlock it, ostensibly preserving some of my dignity in my mind, but probably looking like I was stealing a car to others.  Meh. *shrugs shoulders*   Now I can only crawl across the center console from the passenger door, and that is really very sad.

So today, I spent a good half hour slamming myself up against the side of my car, trying to break the seal around the door without breaking the glass or any of my bones.  After some time, I admitted defeat and called a family member to take me in to work.  Only all he did was come over and pour hot water on my door.  THAT'S all I needed to do this whole time?!?  For some reason I had this idea that hot water would only make it freeze harder, but apparently not (if you work quickly).

So now I'm still crawling through my car, but not banging my body against the outside of my car, which is a bit of an improvement, no?  Will have to remember the hot water trick, and look like less of an ass and/or car thief in the future.