…the couch I have been lusting after.  Yes, a couch.  I've seen it a hundred places (but never once in a store…), but never knew what the style was called.  Recently found out it is called a Chesterfield sofa.  I feel it will be a timeless addition to my new apartment, and no, I will not be buying it until I move in there…and maybe a little later than that.  Observe, my beautiful couch:


This couch is from Chesterfield's, which is where I'm assuming the original name of the style came from, and it is, with shipping,

¬£1359, which is approximately $2010.55 at the time of this post.  And personally, I think that's a pretty good price for a nice leather couch shipped overseas (though my ideas of how much things usually cost are sometimes waaaay different that what I find they are in reality).

It will go nicely in my Moroccan living room.

But on to my Thanksgiving…I spent the vast majority of the holiday weekend doing absolutely nothing and also eating a lot( thank goodness the semester's almost over so I can stop stress eating too).  I got to visit some of my cousins that I rarely see, even though we all live in the same area, and we made a plan to take in a little karaoke action before Christmas.  I love karaoke with my cousins, though I'm sure it will be all the more fun when all of them can finally get in a bar and join us.

Friday night I went and saw a friend (who might as well be my brother) play in a bar with his band, which was just a good time in general.  Met a guy there that I guess I went to high school with (I was a freshman, he was a senior), though we didn't know each other then.  He seems pretty cool, and we talked for like 6 hours straight…I didn't get to sleep until 6 in the morning.  Unfortunately, I was awake at 8, because of the whole thing where I can't sleep inStupid job…

Later that day was forced to go to a family function for people I am not even remotely related to.  Also, those people are insane.  But enough on that…  Was supposed to go to a Star Wars drinking game that night, but I really needed the sleep (Sorry, Ray!). Sunday I went to my best friend's daughter's first birthday party.  Gigi, the little one, was adorable and the party was smashing, although I did somehow end up listening to a 12-year-old talk about D & D for a half hour.  He was so serious about it.  And very proud of his job as a Dungeon Master.

And now we are at the end of the semester, and I really need to find some sort of release and center myself.  Yoga would be great if I could find a good place to do it (my house is freezing, with too much carpet…I'd rather do yoga on a solid surface).  And if it weren't so damned cold outside (and snowy. and windy.), I'd go to the park or for a hike, which would also do the trick.  Not many viable or preferable options are left, so I've got to think on that one.

What do you do to unwind?