I'm going to apologize again for being a bad blogger, but also to warn you that it will probably continue until the end of the semester.  My brain simply will not work for non-school functions until then.  And as an extra special thing to look forward to (or not…), I promise that when I graduate in May and (hopefully!) get a job, I will update at least every other day, if not more often.  That is my solemn vow to you.  Until then, my sincerest apologies for the randomness…and lists…

  • Said by my mom this weekend when we were talking about drink ingredients:  "Oh, I think it has one of those black drinks in it."
    Me:  Black drinks?
    Mom: Yeah, you know, drinks that black people drink.
    Me:  *giving her an 'are you for real?' look*
    Mom:  It's true, you know.  I don't know why, but they drink certain things.
  • Sunday was my birthday, and I spent all weekend basically doing nothing, which was glorious.  Did get dinner at a Japanese restaurant Saturday and early holiday shopping.  Strawberry cake and Asti.  Am now 24 (though when people ask me how old I am, I have been wanting to say 25 for months when I was still 23.  No clue when I skipped two years.)
  • Was informed this morning by an instructor that "they had 10 inches of snow this morning up north…lake effect they said…I think Terre Haute…Note to instructor:  Terre Haute is by no means north of us (it is in fact, west), and is also nowhere close to CHESTERTON, where they actually did get 10 inches (I only know this because my mom told me this morning.  Because for some reason, she now feels the need to keep up with the Chesterton (which is hours away from us) news and inform me about it.)  The complete lack of people's knowledge about the geography of their own state never ceases to amaze me.
  • 172 days until graduation, btw.  Jane ftw!