I've been a horrible, horrible blogger lately, as in not posting anything longer than, oh, say, a sentence.  Apologies.  Here's what I've done the past two weekends:

Halloween weekend:  Went out with friends on the actual night-of to some club.  I was dressed as a biker chick, complete with fake tattoos.  I figured I should get some use out of the leathers I bought until I have another boyfriend with a motorcycle (and YES, there will be another).  Had men slightly terrified of my 5'3" frame and simultaneously interested.  Bikers revved up their bikes for me all night. No pictures that I want to share though.  Sorry.

Went with family on Saturday to surprise getaway for the evening at a condo in Brown County, known to apparently be the second-best place (other than New England) in the U.S. to view pretty leaves.  The condo was on a golf course, and I decided to go out and lay on the green at night and stare at the stars.  Convinced my brother to go with me, and we saw a shooting star.  Yay for us!  Next day I walked on the green in bare feet (so soft…), did a bit of hiking and a photo shoot betwixt siblings.  I do have pictures of this…

Picture 012
Green where I saw shooting stars.

Picture 014

Pretty leaves, yes?

Picture 024

More pretty.

Picture 034

And again…

Picture 053 
My blinding pale skin

Picture 056 

My brother, Josh, pretending he is very far off the ground.

Picture 060
We are so ridiculous.  Ridiculously cool.

Picture 061  

Tree on fire.

C'est tout for Brown County.

Last weekend I drove to Louisville for an old college roommate's birthday.  This is a drive that should have taken me at least three hours (this is not just the google maps time…this is how long it has taken me every other time I've been down there).  I made it in two.  As I was just keeping up with the traffic around me, the only explanation I can find is that I must have found a secret portal somewhere in southern Indiana that lets out on the same highway but an hour down the line.  Clearly, I must remember this for future trips.

Once I got there, my friend introduced me to her boyfriend whom she has been with for over a year now (!) and we all went out for some Persian food on Bardstown Road (which turns out, is a fantastic road).  I had never before had Persian, but it tasted something like Moroccan and Greek put together, and so was delicious.  The cucumber yogurt made everything taste good (even cooked mushrooms), and I had some fantastic saffron, pistachio, vanilla, and rose water ice cream.  And I don't even like pistachios. 

It was after this dinner (in which my friend and I shared a bottle of wine…at 2 in the afternoon…don't you dare judge me) when we decided to walk through some of the shops down Bardstown Road.  In a particularly artsy place, my friend and I were talking (probably quite loudly as our sense of volume decreases with amount of wine drank) and I said something about how "everybody likes to have naked time alone in their own house"…to the horror of the apparent owner of the shop who happened to be on the other side of a glass display cabinet.  The look on her face was….hilarious…and she quickly retreated far away from us and back to her actual counter.  I thought it was all quite funny, but isn't it true?  Doesn't everyone like naked time by themselves?

Later that evening, I watched (and volunteered to help out with) my friend's improv show, of which she was a member of one of the troupes.  There were three from Louisville present and one from Cincinnati.  Lots of laughs.  After the show, her troupe and the one from Cinci went back to her friends' apartment and we all celebrated her birthday.  It was a fun time and I met some cool new people and had some fascinating conversations.  A good time was had by all.

And a good picture was taken of me:


That's all for now.  I know I didn't talk about everything I said I would in the last blog, but I think you'll survive.  I've lots of work to do before the end of the semester and very little time in which to do it.