• No fewer than 12 state patrol cars in the timespan of 30 minutes.  They were out for blood.  Dirty cops.
  • An orange construction barrel on fire outside an apartment building.  There was a rather geeky-looking man standing next to it also staring.  Makes you wonder…
  • A blind man walking down the road at night.  My first thought, because I am ridiculous, was, 'Wow, isn't it kind of dangerous for a blind man to be out at this time by himself?'  Then the rational part of my brain informs me that it is no different than him being out at any other time, and in fact it looks the same to him.  Thank you, blonde moment.

As for the whole sickness thing, I seem to be getting worse, not better.  Another trip to the doc may be in order.  But even though I'm not well, I seem to be inexplicably in a really good mood.  Go figure.  I have lots of things to be stressed out about, and maybe it's the meds talking, but I just don't really mind them. 

Do you have anything to be in a good mood about?