In the realm of dreams, I've had some doozies over time.  I dream in color, and sometimes I can dream lucidly (i.e. I can control what happens and what I do).  My most recent and somewhat interesting ones are as follows:

  • Dreamt I lived in South Africa.  I spent a day at the beach, which was ridiculously crowded, while old men tried to hawk pirated cds to me.  A spontaneous party broke out in the evening and I crashed it.  Strangely realistic.
  • Dreamt that I saved the city of Chicago from mutant flesh-eating lions.  They had overrun the city, and I was the only one who could find the one who was sort of the main brain of them all.  Once it was destroyed, the others became harmless.  I battled quite a few of them through numerous high rises and apartment buildings before getting my real target.  Jane for the win!

My trip to Chicago last weekend was a nice distraction from school and work, which have been driving me crazy this semester.  Ended up walking around Lincoln Park and seeing the zoo, then later to see Taj Mahal at the Morse that night.  Taj was really funny, and an ace player as well;  I think I can safely say that that was one of the top three performances I've ever seen.  That man sure knows how to play the blues!  The rest of the evening was taken up by meeting my friend's work colleagues and apparently impressing them with my Guinness-drinking skillz.  Me = teh awesome.

Wouldn't you know though that the hassle came when trying to go back home…totally forgot about the Chicago Marathon, which wrapped around CB's building, effectively blocking us in and making it extremely difficult to get to a place where I could eventually make it to Union Station.*  It was a bit of a hike, but made interesting by all of the runners and more interesting by those cheering on the runners.**  Finally made it to where I needed to catch my bus, only to find out that the bus driver was sick, so they would be at least an hour and 15 minutes late.  Methinks I really need a teleportation device so I don't have to worry about the trip home next time.  Someone get on that.

Another interesting note is that while I was waiting (about a block away from where I needed to be), a man asked me if I knew where a certain street was.  I knew of the street, but nothing else about it.  This means one of two things:

  1. That I look like I was from there (despite my carrying a weekend bag), or I at least appeared confident in my surroundings.  (Note:  I was confident about my relative location…I knew I was a block away from Union Station.)
  2. That that poor man was more clueless than I was.

I'm pretty sure it was the latter, but it makes me giggle to think about the former.

Next trip up there probably won't be until after the New Year, because this semester is crazy ridiculous busy for me (and CB is pretty busy too), and I want to feel the Siberian blasts off of Lake Michigan in the dead of winter.  Obviously.

*Note to self:  If you end up moving to Chicago, plan to be out of town on the day of the marathon, especially if you live in the vicinity of its path.
**As an aside, I never ever have the desire to run one of those things.  I don't even want to run a mini-marathon.  Maybe a 5k.  I could do that.