On occasion, my brother and I like to revel in how ridiculously geeky we are together.  This weekend was an occasion for that.

Our funtime started Saturday, when he was supposed to be changing the oil in my car, but actually was joking around with me as I managed to misplace my keys about 5 times in an hour.  My dad and grandpa ended up doing the job while we watched.  As an aside, here's a conversation between me and my grandfather that took place:

Me:  I wish grandma was here and not (whatever she was doing at the time).  She'd go get some Mexican with me.
Gpa: Some Mexican what?
Me:  Mexican.  We are going to go buy a small Mexican man.
Gpa:  You've always got an answer for everything! *grumbles* …aren't they all small?
Me:  *shakes head*

Later on Josh (my brother) and I decided to see a movie, and settled on Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist.  I love Michael Cera and had been wanting to see the film ever since the first time I saw it advertised.  We went later that evening…and I could tell it was going to be an interesting ride as soon as we walking into the theatre with tarted up preteens.

Some kid, about 10 years old, sat down behind us.  You knew he didn't get half of the jokes and references that he was laughing at, not just because they were obviously out of his league, but also because he laughed about them four times as long as everybody else.  And then of course he laughed at parts that weren't at all supposed to be funny.  He was like an alien that was trying to pretend to have a human sense of humor, but was doing a terrible job of it.  Also he insisted on chewing on ice and god-knows-what-else with his mouth open the entire time. UGH.  Josh and I kept turning around to glare at him, to no avail.  Then someone started kneeing the back of my seat.  Nowadays, the backs of the seats are hard plastic, so you can't feel it as much….but it still pushes you forward every time they move.  I turned around to glare at whomever it was, only to find out that it was a grown woman, and probably the mother of this heathen child.  I wanted to scream at her, "You are an adult!  You should know better!"  But I guess since she doesn't care to control her child, why should I expect better behavior from her?

Aside from the horrible people, the movie was pretty good.  Loved the Beatles reference (probably my favorite line in the whole movie), and there were plenty of awkward/disgusting moments. 

Onto Sunday, we spontaneously broke out into a game of what I can only call DanceBall.  We started out throwing this little ball back and forth to each other in the living room (how does this happen?), and then tried to outdo each other in dance moves before throwing it back.  This probably went on for half an hour.  I can only imagine what my mom's boyfriend thought–he already thinks we are insane.

The weekend was finished off with a bit of tennis with my mom and bro.  This is the part where I remind myself that I am HORRIBLE at tennis.  I much prefer badminton.  I kick ASS at badminton.  I could probably be on the Olympic team for it. 

Anyway, back to the tennis.  My poor performance abilities at this sport most likely stem from the fact that I have absolutely no arm strength (though I suspect a little bit of upper arm strength in my right arm left over from archery).  But damned if I didn't give it my all!  Sure, I used both arms when I tried to hit a ball, but so what?  I lept what I imagine to be gracefully through the air, then with all the power I had, swung at the tennis ball like a champ–only to hit air.  It was simultaneously pitiful and glorious.  I provided the comic relief for everyone else, so it wasn't a total loss…AND my arms and chest hurt really bad still, so I must have gotten some sort of exercise benefit out of making an ass out of myself.

Since I'm horrible at finishing up blog entries, do tell, do you have any siblings?  And if so, do you have the sort of relationship where you get together and act like idiots?