Yes, we have one of those where I work, approximately 10 feet away from me.  On a regular basis it will give the user an error code, most often meaning that there is a size error.  But in reality, all it wants me to do is get up and push the button myself.  I don't change the position of the papers.  I don't even lift up the top.  I just push the same button the other person pushed a moment before.  And it works.

Today someone complained that it wasn't copying and gleaned from the error code that it needed more paper.  That was the code, but I looked in both trays and there was definitely paper.  Then I pushed the button, and of course it copied.  Because somehow this machine without a consciousness likes to annoy the hell out of me.

And it's not really just the copy machine here that does it–the computers do it too.  Only mostly it has to do with links on which I can watch the students click with no result or some error, then I try, and it works.  Ridiculous.  The occurrences of electronics in general behaving strangely around me is really…well, strange.  Of course, it could all just be some glitch or network mistake or operator error, and most certainly is, but that doesn't make it any less weird/bothersome.