1. Friday, I registered to vote.  Huzzah! Responsible citizen right here.  Hi!  I never bothered to register the last time around, though I'm certain my vote against W. wouldn't have made a difference in this red state.  However this year…we are swingin' for the first time ever.  Sweet action.  I might actually make a difference.

2. Watched the Sex & the City movie.  I never really watched the television show because I'm not really into a weekly girlgabfest.  Just never been that kinda chick.  But I can handle a couple of hours at once, as long as it's not often.  The movie was actually pretty good, and the ladies all ended up exactly where they wanted to be in life, like any good movie, but not like reality.  That's exactly what I want from my movies.

3. Because certain parties we should have nothing to do with at work are slow on the hiring, they have decided to completely flip my schedule for the next week.  Well, as much as they can and still allow me to go to my classes.  Monday I work from 1-9pm and Tuesday through Thursday from 7:30am to 1pm.  Now, 7:30 is earlier than I am usually awake (normally 8am) and they expect me to be dressed and fully functioning?!?  That's just not right.  The Monday-Tuesday combination is especially tiring.  At least it will only last two weeks (fingers crossed!).

4.  On account of the temporary schedule change at work, I have a time slot open on Monday morning where I can go to the gym.  I was totally motivated this Monday.  CB had suggested I give my bicycle another go (he is an avid cyclist), but as my bike is two times too big for me (I won it in a contest–my feet don't touch the ground, causing me to fall over completely every time I have to stop) and the gears and resistance are all f*d up, and also the road is riddled with potholes, I decided to try the stationary at the gym.  CB equates this to a hamster on a wheel, but I disagree–hamsters don't have the kick-ass mix I had to listen to, and I've never seen a hamster's wheel with a programmed course with varying resistance.  I ended up riding a little more than 10 miles, which was almost 30 minutes.  It actually felt really good after maybe the first five minutes.  This might be because the seat was incredibly hard and hurt like hell, but after a bit I think my ass went numb from pain.  Please note that this is Wednesday and I can just now sit down without wincing.

5.  It was suggested to me Sunday while at the local diner that I watch a show on HBO called True Blood.  I don't get that channel, so of course it's off to my favorite website to watch.  I watched all of the episodes so far, and it is pretty good.  The theme song is "Bad Things" by Jace Everett, which I have fallen in love with; it really makes me want to do bad things.  You can listen to it here:

Bad Things by Jace Everett

The montage that is shown during this song, however, is a little different.  They flash images of religious fervor, sex, blood, and death; the juxtaposition of these things really sets the whole tone for the show, letting the viewer know that we're dealing with serious themes here, or at least themes that are serious for some, but maybe not for others.  It really says a lot about the culture of the South, where it is set; makes me think of the repression-of-sexuality-as-leading-to-debauchery kind of thing. The whole premise of the show is that vampires have "come out of the coffin" so to speak, after the invention of a synthetic blood on which they can live.  The show is set in rural Louisiana where a telepathic waitress tries for love with a hot vampire from the Civil War.  There is something seriously like racial tension between the vampires and the humans, and it is difficult not to see the comparison, it being the South and all.  I'd highly recommend checking it out if for nothing but curiosity.

6. I got to do actual reference work at my job yesterday!  I was so excited.  Job satisfaction, here I come!  But I knew it couldn't last…Here's a conversation I had today:

Lady:  Do you guys not have Microsoft 2003?
Me:  Well, yes, but (we actually have Vista now, but for the purposes of her question, it didn't really matter that I specified) we have Read-Only Microsoft Office in here.  That means you can't create a new document or make any changes to an existing document.
Lady:  So can I type in here?
Me:  (Did I not just say the answer to that?) No.  But you can in the Academic Support Center (which is just down the hallway).
Lady:  *grumbles, but loud enough that I can hear* You get paid all of this money and you can afford to put Microsoft Office in here…this is bullshit…
Me:  You are able to type in the Academic Support Center.  The computers here in the library are primarily for research.
Lady: *grumbles something about research that I didn't totally hear*
Me: *I decide to ignore her*

Is it really that difficult to walk the *maybe* 20 steps down the hallway to another room?  It's not that we can't afford the "complete" version of Office–it's that we don't want computers needed for research to be taken up by hordes of people typing papers.  And about them paying so much money…puhleez!!!  They pay hardly anything for an education.  Maybe they should try going to a four-year university, and then they can complain about how much money they are paying the school.  I'm just tired of patrons trying to argue with me.  We have one girl in here who sits at the computer with earbuds on who must have the music turned up as loud as possible.  It is a serious problem when I can hear every word of her music when I have my earbuds on.  But when you ask her to turn it down, she starts talking back about how "it isn't on" or that "it is turned down all the way."  WHY CAN'T SHE JUST TURN IT DOWN AND NOT ARGUE?!?!  I've been instructed to sick security on her next time. *rubs hands together with glee*

Note:  The throat-clearer is in here.  GOD.  She is now clearing her throat approximately every three seconds, instead of five.