I’ve been meaning to write a
post for quite some time about love in the abstract. 


I came across the phrase “looking
through the eyes of love” somewhere, and have since been coming across it every
time I start to forget to do so.  I’m not
sure exactly how to explain it, but it is something along the lines of seeing
the Divine spark in every living thing, including yourself.  I’ve found that when you look at someone “through
the eyes of love,” you can’t help but love them.  It’s like a reflex.  And every single person I’ve allowed into my
life, I love and always will (with the exception of one particularly despicable
man—I’m still working on that).  As for past
lovers, this certainly doesn’t mean I want to get back with any of them; on the
contrary, I seem to love them more where their light shines best (which for all
intensive purposes is not with me, thus “past”). 


Some people believe you can’t
love more than one person at a time.  And
for some people this may be true; but I find that it needn’t be if you merely
allow your heart to grow.  I don’t have
children, but I’d imagine that a person’s heart automatically grows bigger when
they have one; so why shouldn’t they be able to consciously do the same to fit
in everyone else as well? Sure, you may only be focused on one person at a
time, but your love for the others still exists. 


And then there’s the issue of
romantic love.  I think romantic love is
just love + sexual tension.  But the love
itself is the same as you have for anyone. 
Your love for your friends, for your family, for your lovers…it all
comes from the same place; it is merely you who decides there has to be a
difference between them.


I don’t really tell anyone I
love them, except for my family and a few friends.  Most people have a different idea of love
from my own, and they would think that some sort of obligation came with that
announcement.  It certainly doesn’t, in
my mind, nor does it even require a response. 
Like I said before, it’s as natural to me as a reflex—if you are reading
this (no matter whom you are) and I know you, I love you.


But herein lies my problem
with this…I’m having issues seeing that Divine spark in everyone I meet, mostly
at work but also just out and about.  I’ve
been thinking why I never really considered myself a “people person,” why I
have said myself that I just don’t like people. 
But I don’t think it’s that I don’t like them.  I think it’s that I’m just not taking the
time to see them “through the eyes of love.” 
When I’ve made a concerted effort to do so in the past, the days just
fly by and I’m almost always in a good mood. 
I need to remind myself that everyone is not on the same level mentally
or emotionally, and that everyone has a different experience, but equally valid.  I think if I can embrace these ideas with the
people whom I don’t choose to be in my life, I will more easily be able to see
them “through the eyes of love.”   Maybe I like people after all.