1) Two different people (one female, one male) on two different days seemingly got tired of waiting at a red light and decided to drive through it anyway.  I was behind the lady the first time and it wasn't like there wasn't anyone coming–she almost got hit.  And it's not like she completely didn't see the light, because she had been stopped.  For the second instance, I was in the cross traffic when the guy decided to turn left.  Smart.

2)  Two people speaking sign language while driving down the road.  This is more dangerous than texting while driving because a) the driver had to constantly take their eyes off the road to tell what the other person was saying (I know people who can text without looking at the phone) and b) there are many signs that require both hands, meaning the driver was having to completely take his hands off the wheel.  Scary.

I'm going to the Indy Irish Fest this weekend, having come upon some tickets.  Super excited for that, and especially the sheep herding demonstrations.  Or rather, not really the sheep herding, but how they train the puppies to do so–by making them herd ducks.  I really want to see puppies herding ducks.  Also, my Chicago guy is coming down for the weekend, so I'm pretty psyched about that.

To those who can attend, and those who are just coming in spirit (pun not intended) — Slainte!