This is where I apologize for being worse than usual at the whole posting thing.  Excuses:  starting the fall semester at school and being deathly (I probably exaggerate here) ill last week.  But there have been fun and exciting things going on.  Par exemple:

– Got a txt weather alert on my phone for a BLIZZARD warning until 2pm.  Now, I know this is Indiana and all, and the weather can change drastically at the drop of a hat, but is was 10am and 77 degrees outside, so the likelihood of getting a blizzard within the next four hours was very slim.  Txt was later corrected to show wind advisory.

– We had a helluva wind storm yesterday.  Lots of damage from that, all around, which led to…

– The power going out last night for about 12 hours.  Thankfully it wasn't below freezing outside like the last time that happened, but we still had to camp out inside with candles and Taco Bell and the like.  Also thankful I have an atomic alarm clock with battery backup for when the power goes out.

I should have more to talk about, and probably do, but that will be all for now.  I have a super-busy week ahead of me, and lots of procrastinating to do.