I just wanted to point out to everyone
my intense love for a show that recently started airing on BBC America. 
Dubbed "Skins," it's basically a story about crazy teens in the U.K.,
and all of the drugs, sex, and partying that goes with that. 

Here's a rundown of the gang:

  • Tony (played by
    About a Boy's Nicholas Hoult, all grown up)- super-manipulative pretty
    boy, and self-made leader of the group; Picture: Maxxie and Tony  Maxxieandtony
  • Effie – Tony's
    sister; though young, she's good at getting into her own special brand of
    trouble  Effie
  • Michelle –
    Tony's girlfriend, and the one that everyone lusts after                         Michelle
  • Sid – Tony's
    best friend; is also in love with Michelle; Picture: Tony and Sid       Tonyandsid
  • Cassie –
    Anorexic waif of a thing; gorgeous, but in a tragic way; in love with Sid; Picture: Cassie and SidCassieandsid

  • Anwar – best
    friend to Maxxie; inner turmoil between his Pakistani Muslim background
    and the life of a modern teen that he lives; will do anything he can to
    get laid; Picture: Anwar and Maxxie  Anwarandmaxxie
  • Maxxie – best
    friend to Anwar; gorgeous and gay
  • Jal – super
    clarinet player; daughter to a famous musician; constantly under a barrage
    of bad rap and ridiculous slang from her brothers and their friends; Picture: Jal and Michelle  Jalandmichelle
  • Chris –
    easy-going guy, everyone's friend; in love with his psychology teacher   Chris

I adore this show because it shocks the hell out of me–I mean, I'm not really sure
that this is a normal way for teens to behave over there, but I'm sure there
must be someone somewhere who does all of this.  I also enjoy that there
is something screwed up with every single one of the characters; even if you at
first think they've got it pretty good, you'll soon discover some major issue
they have to deal with.   From what I hear, the average age of the
writers is 22, so that certainly brings a whole different spin on things as
opposed to most American "teen shows."  Also, there’s a killer
soundtrack.  Add to this that there's
fuck word after fuck word and plenty of unashamed nudity, and really there's
something for everyone.

The show started airing on Sunday, August 17th, and it's already almost halfway
through the first season.  Thankfully, BBC America tends to run the
previous week's episode directly before the new episode, so you can catch up
that way.  I've also caught some of the first episodes on other days of
the week as well, though the new ones always air on Sunday nights at 10/9c.  And if
you don't get BBC America (And why not?  It's totally worth the extra
cost, imho), you can always purchase the episodes on iTunes.

In the meantime, check out the website for the show and watch this trailer.  I know you'll end up as hooked as I am!

*Special thanks to BBC America for providing us with the exclusive content shown on this post!