Thought I'd give a rundown of the "highlights" of my past three weekends.

  • Went to see friend's husband's band play at a local bar a few weeks ago.  Was accosted by a man trying to get me to dance with him.  I really didn't want to.  Though it was 11:30 at night, he was still wearing his golfing clothes from earlier in the day, presumably.  Douchebag.  I danced with him once, hoping that if I was bad enough, it would put him off.  No such luck.  He spent the rest of the night trying to get me to dance again.  Cue to JET song, when the whole "Are you gonna be my girl?" part comes, he looks over to me and extends his arm in a flourish.  I roll my eyes.  He doesn't get the hint.
  • The next weekend, I reluctantly went to the casino with my mom and family friends who were in town.  I have never had the desire to go into the casino, and was not convinced otherwise on my visit.  The concierge hit on me while I signed up for a card for the machines. I lost $22, not counting the $10 free that they give you to play with, and the drinks where as watered-down as humanly possible.  I decide I could never work there because of the incessant noise, and also vow never to return to the casino if I could help it.
  • Friday night I had free tickets to see Alice Cooper.  That was truly the highlight of the weekend.  He is f'in insane, but brilliant.  It was an excellent show.  It also fit in nicely with my childhood dream revolving around Wayne's World.  Now, I only need to move to Aurora, Illinois (which just might be possible, since I was considering working in Chicago) and drive a Pacer while headbanging to Bohemian Rhapsody.  That last part might not be so doable, as I'm pretty sure Pacers have been taken off of the road because of their ability to randomly explode. *shrugs shoulders* Meh.
  • Saturday night, despite my desire to never go there again, I returned to the casino. 
    A friend had never been there, and since it was her birthday, I agreed to go.  She was already there when I arrived, but then suddenly refused to answer my text messages.  In short, I never found her, and I would have wasted another night at the torturous casino had it not been for a free performance by the Fabulous Thunderbirds.  I can't say that they were what I would call fabulous, but they were pretty good.  I enjoyed listening to their interpretations of the blues.

I spent the rest of this weekend fielding f'ed up phone calls and texts from various people.  You would think it was a full moon or something, the way people were acting.  This next weekend should be a bit more tame, as the only thing I have planned is to see the Symphony on the Prairie, but I guess you never know. 

Special Note to Kristin:  Have a fun and safe year teaching English in the Czech!  If you ever need any help, just let me know–remember, I have "connections"…though maybe ones you don't want to use unless you really need them : )

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