Friends, I was all kinds of domestic this past week.  Instance #1:  I bought a vacuum cleaner, a Dyson, no less.  I am ecstatic, and in love with it.  This is a total surprise, since I didn't really think that anything having to do with cleaning was my type.

Picture 005

Behold the Dyson!  It is truly great!  I filled up the canister on every single room I vacuumed.  Craziness.

Instance #2:  I baked.  I baked Molten Chocolate Babycakes.  See picture below.

Picture 003

They were basically amazing.  I really outdid myself; they turned out perfectly.  I'm convinced I could sell these things and make killer dough off of them.  They're basically like the best chocolate cake/brownie that every existed.  I got the recipe (and picture) from this book:

Picture 004

Brilliant.  And since we're showing lots of pictures today, I'll give you a taste of my awesome carved coconut from the State Fair.

Picture 002

That's supposed to be a monkey with the words, "Have Fun," carved into the bottom. 

In other news, I want to marry Michael Phelps (yes, the most awesome Olympic athlete in recorded history).  He's totally my type–tall, lean, dark hair.  Yes.  Make it happen.