Dude, I've hit 3000 lifetime page views today.  Yay for me!  Although, if I think about it, that's probably on account of about four different people, plus random Google hits for song lyrics.  Oh well.

I had intended on writing a post about the wedding I was in a few weeks ago, but I am 1) busy and 2) lazy.  Suffice it to say that although everything was quite lovely, the bride and groom were both ill (the groom for the entire day), I drank some nice Champagne, and I accidentally caught the bouquet (Damn you cat-like reflexes!  At least I'm not superstitious…). 

The past few weeks have been a mad dash to the end of the semester for me, and I am writing my last project as I write this (simultaneously– I have two keyboards and four hands).  Then it will be a good two weeks of relaxation before I have to start the whole thing over again.  But it will be my last Fall semester ever or at least I get bored/have a bought of madness and want to go back for more!  Then Spring semester, then graduation, and then…then I get a big girl job and move.  I have three cities currently in the running:  Boston, Philadelphia, and Chicago (all chosen because they are right up my alley, style-wise, and I won't need a car).  Boston pays the most for librarians, but Chicago generally has more positions available.  Philadelphia is at the bottom of the list for both of those categories.

But wherever I move, I have decided (just this morning in fact) that my apartment will be chosen based upon the amount of available closet space.  Good neighborhood?  Pshaw….  Utilities included?  Fridge and microwave? W/D in building? Meh….  Close to my office/close to a transit line that will take me to my office?  Eh… *shurgs shoulders*  No, I cannot be bothered to be practical/ logical like that…give me a closet that takes up half of my bedroom and I'll be just fine.  I need room for all of my clothes, enough so that they won't get wrinkled, since I do not have access to the plethora of dry cleaners' bags that would be needed to prevent the wrinklage at present.  Just an enormous closet, that's all I really need.  I suppose I will need to find a place that'll let me have my cat, but he's really more like a surly roommate that wakes me up in the middle of the night and never cleans up after himself…wait, I've actually had one of those before… *thinks about freshman year in the dorms*

I can't wait.