Yesterday I woke up when a daily alarm went off on my phone.  This confused the hell out of me, because 1) my alarm said it was 7p.m.  2) my phone must have something wrong with it, because it was clearly 7a.m.  3) I had another hour before I would have woken up with the other alarm in my room, not on my phone.  I turned off and on the phone, thinking that when it reestablished the signal, the time would change, and that perhaps it was just a fluke; it didn't work.  I had been in such a deep sleep that it took me a good five minutes to realize that, no, it really was 7p.m., and remember that I had already worked that day and taken a nap because of a migraine when I got home.  What surprises me the most is how much I completely freaked out because I thought I had lost time somewhere…and also how 7p.m. looks a lot like 7a.m. this time of year.  I'm not sure why it didn't dawn on me immediately that I still had my clothes on, and so it must not be morning, but oh well.

Elsewhere in the land of Nod, I have been having a lot of dreams lately about beating people up.  Now folks, I'm a lover, not a fighter, so this was kinda disturbing to me.  I racked my brains trying to think of something by which I felt threatened, but could think of nothing.  Really I'm quite at peace.  But then another dream brought back the real reason to me–lately there have been two current girlfriends of exes of mine who have either a) threatened me outright (for no good reason I might add) and b) given me menacing glares.  I have no interest in stealing either of these guys back, otherwise I already would have.  In addition, I have never had the desire to fight another girl over a guy, even if I'm the girlfriend in the situation. As I see it, if there's reason to be jealous, then I don't trust him and shouldn't be with him; if I do trust him, I'm not worried about some other girl anyway.  So the whole notion of beating another woman up because of a man completely perplexes me.  Anyway, after some self-analyzation, I realized that I wasn't actually hurting any of the "attackers" in my dreams, merely incapacitating them.  Then with my knee on their backs, I would explain to them that I really don't want to argue about whatever the situation was, but I would defend myself if needed, and so please go away and leave me in peace.

Because of course in my dreams, I have Bruce Lee-like abilities but have chosen to live a peaceful life, natch.