I have had a ton of stuff going on.  That's my excuse for not posting. 

Basically it has just been a ton of work and school, but I've also been doing some other things too.  Chicago will be a separate post, once Erik emails me the pictures (which he promised to do by Wednesday night).  So, in lazy list form, here is what has been going on:

  • Thursday night before leaving for Chicago I went out to a bar with my mom and cousins to sing some karaoke.  Pinheads was the name of the place; my first time there, and it was pretty cool.  It was my cousin Mick's birthday, so that was the occasion; plus, karaoke seems to be one of the only ways to get our family together.  I sang Criminal (Fiona Apple), These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (Nancy Sinatra), and Turn Me On (Norah Jones).  A good time was had by all.
  • Friday through Sunday:  Chicago (see future post)
  • Last week:  make up for enormous amount of homework due in two classes.  I really think that taking grad school classes in the summer is a horrible idea and no one should ever do it.  Please learn from my mistake if you find yourself in that situation.
  • Thursday night:  worked at SuperFancyRestaurant where I was hired to be a server.  Decided it was too much to add onto my already hectic schedule.  Was simultaneously fascinated and disgusted when the server who was training me, who also happened to smoke, had smoke come out of her mouth when she would speak for a long time without a breath.  I've seen smokers do that before, but never when they weren't trying.  It still freaks me out.
  • Friday (daytime):  spent all day long in History of Libraries class.  Because of a careless construction worker, the air conditioning was down on almost the entire IUPUI campus.  This included the library, of course, so we had our class in the breezeway between buildings.  It felt nice at first; despite the fact that we usually have a powerpoint, the dean of the library school printed our materials out for us and offered us free bottles of water.  Sweet.  What's not sweet is the enormous amount of distraction one faces when having a class outside (in the flight path) in the heat.  There were inexplicable groups of small children traipsing around us all day, workmen driving around their little vehicles, trash guys compacting right next to us, the tornado/air raid siren going off, firetrucks being called out, and even sirens going off in the buildings when they became too hot for the unfortunate souls who stayed in there.  Add to this that we were sitting on these horribly rough wrought iron chairs, and it was a trying day.  I went shopping immediately after leaving class for a
    little retail therapy.  Finally got shoes for the wedding that is THIS WEEKEND.  Spent way too much money, and am now owned by
    Lucky, Anthropologie, and Vickie's.
  • Friday (night):  When I got home, my mom told me about a dress she had seen in a shop around town that she thought was just perfect for me, so we checked it out.  It was not me.  On our way home, we went to pick up my brother from my grandparents' house, only to find mass chaos.  Catty-cornered from their property, a man had been trying to dig into the sewer line.  Because he was a dumbass and did not support the 15-20 foot hole he had dug, it collapsed in on him. You can read about it here.  I am not surprised to find that he didn't have a permit.  And I'm not the only person I know who thinks that it serves him right.  Let me explain:  the digging had been going on for two weeks.  He had dug another hole, but apparently not in the right spot; so, he filled it in and dug another (most likely contributing to the collapse of the second).  While all of this digging was going on, the hole was left uncovered at night (definitely illegal).  My grandfather actually saw a little boy chase a bird over to the hole one evening, then checked the hole when he no longer saw the little boy just to make sure he didn't fall in.  The point is, anyone could have fallen in that hole; if it had been a child it had collapsed upon, they wouldn't have been able to get to them in time.  At any rate, you can tell from the article that the guy got out and it was fine.  We had to wait there until some time after the helicopter had taken him, as random people had decided to park on the street and completely block both of the driveways.  It was the biggest spectacle to happen in the area maybe ever, and I suggested aloud that someone should get a BBQ going for this block party…
  • Saturday:  Had a bridal shower to go to that I was not informed about until 11:30pm on Friday.  Nice notice.  Then took the bride-to-be to Vickie's to buy her wedding night garb–that was my shower present for her.  That night I went to B-dubs to celebrate the birthday of a good friend I hadn't seen in a while.  Lots of fun, but since I'm an old lady and have been exhausted lately, I went home around 12:30.
  • Sunday:  Spent lying out for a while at a family friend's pool.  Completely forgot to put sunscreen on my back, and now you could fry an egg on it.  Very painful.  Also?  Got crazy-deep splinters from the pool deck.  Thank you.  This has become my excuse for not working out this week.

I think I need another vacation.  Like now.