Random other things that have happened since Jazz Fest weekend: 

  • While reading a book on the front porch one day, I watched a mole burrow underneath the rocks in the front garden area; he probably went about four feet as I watched him.  I was actually rooting for him, because, well, he was digging beneath a layer of plastic and large rocks.  That must be exhausting.  Later found out that my mom's bf killed him, and that he was apparently the largest mole any of them had ever seen.  Poor fat mole.
  • Discovered that if one listens to the entire Dark Side of the Moon album while driving through the countryside in the hot summer with windows down, it can create a feeling of euphoria.  Nice.  Will have to try to repeat that soon.

Things coming up: 

  • I bought my tickets to Chicago!  A friend has been trying to get me to visit him ever since I met him, a little more than a year ago.  He has tried many ways of persuading me; here is the final count of what I get:  he will take me to visit the Art Institute, the Field Museum, and wherever else I want to go; we are going to A Taste of Chicago; we are going to see the Steve Miller/Joe Cocker concert; he is learning French (not really part of the deal, but I made fun of him since he is very obviously of French ancestry, yet cannot speak it); he will make me crepes (pretend there is a circonflex there); I get to see all the fireworks I want (once again, it is the weekend of the 4th, so that doesn't really count); and finally, I get to go to an MLB game.  I am excited about this.  I have set a goal to get a picture of myself and "Sue," the largest and most complete T-Rex skeleton around, which is at the Field Museum.  There is also the possibility that I will get to do a little archery while I'm there.  Interesting happenings are afoot, and you can be sure that they will be documented with pictures!
  • This upcoming weekend:  Bachelorette Party at Cedar Point, in Ohio.  It will be my first time at that particular amusement park.  There may or may not be documented evidence from that excursion.
  • I have an appointment tomorrow to get myself airbrushed.  As in a tan.  Good Lord, help me.  It will be the first time I've ever had a professional do it.  I've had a previous disaster at home, but it surely must end up better if I'm paying someone to do it, right? RIGHT?!?!

Almost forgot:  a not-new video from one of my favorite bands of all time, Travis.  The song is called "Walking In The Sun."  Enjoy.