Before running.  Notice my new kicks.  Ace.

035 036

And then look at me after…


I kept the pic small taking into consideration the sesitivities of those who are not so much into seeing people about to die.

The goal was two miles, about half of which I ran.  I mean, I work out fairly often, but running is totally different.  And the iPod sensor?  Was turned off when I started running.  I didn't feel like stopping to take off my shoe, take out the sensor from under the insole, and turn it on.  I did get it working afterwards, though.  Eh, bien.  But in good news, my brother ran with me, spurring me on the whole while.  If we could just team up like that more often, I might actually get into good shape, cardiovascular-wise.

In other news, I had an amazing dream the night before last.  I lived in Indiana (surprise), but it had somehow been compressed down to the size of a city block.  Also, I lived in my old apartment, whose blinds had shrunk so as not to cover the whole window.  I was very distressed about this, as I didn't want anyone to be looking in at me if I was walking around naked at night.  Luckily, I had brought my one set of curtains, which covered just the amount of window space desired.

But the best thing about where I lived, was that the entire world was compressed as well (well, at least all of the parts I wanted).  A block away from my apartment was the U.K., and four blocks in the other direction was France!  It was pretty sweet, but of course everyone was always visiting me, wanting me to show them around, and take them up the Eiffel Tower (which I would never do on my own time). 

Why can't the world really be that compressed, with all of the good bits within walking distance from my cozy townhouse?

Oh, another pic of me playing with sparklers, for your enjoyment.  You are welcome.