Friday I received an email from an ex that promised to derail my thoughts for the weekend.  It did. 

Later I went out with a friend in Indy to a super-fancy restaurant.  I was wearing my cutest dress and heels.  In the course of the six blocks we walked from our parking spot to the restaurant, I managed to completely mangle my feet with blisters.  My friend said I was just being dramatic (though the next morning when she saw my feet, she believed me).  I have pretty tough feet, but I think it was just time for my shoes to die.  They seriously hurt so badly that I paid for a cab to drive us back to her car.  Like walking on down pillows….down pillows filled with shards of glass.

The next day, I went to visit another friend in Lafayette.  She had neglected to mention until I got there  that her boyfriend would also be spending the rest of the weekend there.  I would not have even visited had I known that.  There were plenty of awkward moments, and I spent most of the time feeling like a third wheel (with blistered feet).  We did, however, see Kung Fu Panda.  I'm not really one for the animated films to tell you the truth, but it was cute enough.  I had fun in noticing that the facial characteristics of the characters were similar to the actors who voiced them.   Also?  I got new running shoes.  Fancy ones that will transmit my miles and such to my iPod.  Yay for me.

Sunday I came home and mostly slept…something I hadn't been able to do for a few nights.  So that was nice….UNTIL…the line for our A/C froze up.  When it was 90 degrees outside.  And it's still broken.  And there is severe weather coming, so I can't leave the windows open.  AND my back passenger wheel looks like it's going to fall off again.  Please, let me make it through the week…