Last night we had some wicked storms.  It was all fine as I was going to bed–my desire to watch the lightning had overcome my fear of people staring in at me sleeping, so I raised the blinds to better see the action.  I turned on my new iPod, tuned out, and took in the view.  I knew there were going to be tornado watches, but the news had said they would end around 3 a.m.  At 3:20 a.m., I woke up;  turned on the news to see the status of things, only to find that we were under a tornado watch until 11 a.m. this morning (still active, as I am writing this).  So of course I then lie awake wondering what the hell I will do if there is a tornado warning and I am asleep and don't hear the sirens.  I spend roughly three hours thinking about this, periodically going online with my cell phone, trying to find a place to sign up for free severe weather alerts to be sent to my phone.  They're there, but apparently you can't sign up for them using the mobile web.  Bastards. 

Also?  I heard trains sounding their whistles every once in a while.  Now, while this is a usual occurence where I live (though the train tracks are miles away, the sound carries), it freaked me out everytime I heard it, thinking it was the tornado siren.  Also, the fan in my room started making a noise somewhat like the sirens, so I had to turn it off and sit in a hot room, listening only to the thunder outside, and thinking about my impending doom if I were to fall asleep.

And we're supposed to have severe weather all today and tonight as well.  The funny thing is (actually, it's not really funny at all), I don't mind tornadoes during the day.  In fact, I am sort of excited and fascinated by them.  But at night, you can't see them coming, which makes them far more terrifying.  It really is nights like that that make me want to live in France.*

On a side note, I've gone back to using my old alarm clock instead of my cell phone to wake me up.  I'm back to being awoken by the first song on the Amelie soundtrack.  Makes me feel all eccentric and like I'm walking through Montmartre.

*You never hear about tornadoes anywhere in Europe, really, do you?  I think I may have heard about one a couple of years ago…maybe they happen more often and we just don't hear about it.  At any rate, they must be far less common.