I had what basically amounts to an awesome weekend.  Here's the rundown:


Picture 034 I take ridiculous pictures of myself.  After that, I go to the Eric Clapton concert.  Robert Randolph and the Family Band open for him.  They were what I would consider to be a pretty good jam band, with what I thought were similar influences to Clapton.  Clapton himself was pretty fantastic, playing a couple of old tunes, but it seemed he was mostly playing some blues standards and Hendrix.  There was a massive lightning storm going on at the time and (did I mention this was an outdoor concert and I was in the lawn?) the lightning always struck at just the right moment in the music, like it was choreographed.  I mean, who needs light techs in that situation?  I met a really cool guy there, who I thought had said that he was about to start his last year in undergrad, but turns out he just finished his first year.  Bummer.  It's always the young ones…but anyway, the concert was great.  It started raining during Layla, then really pouring during the encore.  Dancing in warm rain = heavenly.  I was completely soaked when I got home, but it was worth it.


I messed around online, exploring different ways of getting to France next summer, for the whole summer.  Sure, I could just go there all on my own, but if I'm gonna be there for a few months, I'd rather it start out with some sort of…structure…so I'm probably going to take some sort of class (where I'll be staying with a family).  Then after that's over, I'm sure I will have made friends with which to wander aimlessly and stay at hostels. 

The rest of the day I spent up to no good, then went to a comedy club with my mom and her boyfriend (he had won free tickets).  We saw Todd Lynn, Iliza Shlesinger, and the emcee Reno Hype. I'm too lazy to give a proper review of them, but suffice it to say that it was hilarious.  Also, I will never sit near the stage at a comedy show.  You'd think enough people would know that from watching comedians on tv, but they still do it.  After the show, chilled at a sweet house on Geist.


Spent the day laying around, mostly in the sun.  Because this year, people, I have decided that despite my deathly pale lovely fair skin, and the fact that I am almost certain to get skin cancer, I am going to get a tan.  Now, I'm not unrealistic; I know it won't be a tan in the sense that most people think of –the beautiful bronze I've-just-spent-a-month-in-Mexico type of tan– but something that I myself will recognize as being a bit…browner

The first day I started this, last weekend, I spent a couple of hours in the sun, with no sunscreen.  'Surely,' you must be thinking, 'this would be asking for disaster.'  But when I came inside, I was actually sorta…a different color that death or red (with the exception of a spot on my chest that was definitely burnt).  Clearly thrilled, and believing that I had made myself tan just by willing it (with the help of the sun, of course), I went inside for a cooler nap.  Now, I've heard of tans developing after exposure, but in all of the years I've been badly burnt, I never had a burn develop after-the-fact.  It was certainly a day for firsts, as about three hours after I had retired from the sun, the burn came.  This weekend gave me some burn, though not quite as badly, with an actual real brown under the red.  And today, today my friends, I am tan.  I look alive, like there is actually blood flowing through my veins.  And it is a beautiful feeling.  Now I'm thinking I should have taken before and after pictures to verify, because some of my friends will not believe it.  Also, it'd be good to show just how pale I was…


Picture 038 Noteworthy only because I got my iPod Nano!!!  WHOOOO!!!  I needed to replace my Zen Micro because I had worn out the battery, and they don't make that model anymore.  There are a few quirks I am having to get used to.  For instance, on iTunes, I haven't figured out how to create a playlist where I choose everything…I've made those smartplaylists, but when I try to put music in my playlist, it creates a new one.  Meh.  Also, I've noticed that some of the songs on my iPod only loaded the first second or couple of seconds, so that sucks.  Guess I'm gonna have to sync it all back up again.