I have a history of talking, singing, and occasionally walking in my sleep.  Though it doesn’t happen often, I did hear complaints from my family about a month ago, because they said I was having a rather loud conversation with someone around 3 or 4 in the morning.  Apparently it was so clear, they thought I was actually talking on the phone to someone.  But alas, I was asleep.  It’s times like those though that I wish I had had a voice recorder on all night.  Anyway, the point of my bringing this up is this:  I have been waking up the past couple of mornings feeling like I’ve been doing some intense workouts, when I haven’t been to the gym in a couple weeks.  Am I actually working out in my sleep?  And if so, how can I make it continue so that I never have to consciously work out again?

In other news, I mentioned in passing to my brother my plans after graduation next May.  Turns out, he has this strange desire for me to live in Philadelphia.  I have never considered Philly (isn’t there a really big ghetto there?), but for his sake, I’ll add that onto the list of possibilities.  I mean, at least they’d have lots of historic sites for me to visit, and the Mutter Museum, which I’ve always wanted to explore.  But in the end, I suppose it will depend on which university wants to give me more money…

Today, I’ll leave you with an actual conversation between my friend, who for the sake of safety will remain anonymous, and a girl he met.

Friend:  I don’t really like tramp stamps, y’know.  I mean, there’s just something about them.
*silence; he remembers this girl is a tattoo artist and probably has one of those tattoos; tries to salvage the conversation*
Friend:  But then again, y’know, there could be good things about them.  It could act as sort of a goalpost.

After I died laughing and asked him what the hell he was thinking, he responded that he just thought he’d go all out since he’d screwed it up anyway.  Classic.  Just picture her reaction to that.