Because it seems I can no longer have an uneventful, uninteresting weekend, I have some tales to tell.

We will start off with the actual beginning of the week when, for no apparent reason, all of the water in our house stopped running.  Bills had been paid, so what was the problem?  Problem:  The toilet had been running all night long, shorting out some sort of fuse.  Solution:  Rather than immediately run to the hardware store and fix the fuse and toilet like a normal person would do, my family decides that, no, we will simply turn on and off the valve each time we need to use the facilities.  This is very cumbersome, and you’d better not have to go badly, ’cause it’s gonna take awhile.  I’m so glad no one visited whilst our bathroom was in that situation.  Within a few days, the powers-that-be got tired of turning said valve, and ventured to the store to get the necessary guts and tools.  It is fixed for now, but for how long?

Friday night I went to the Music Mill in Indy and saw Junior Brown play.  He’s sorta country, blues, surfer, and comedian.  Add onto that that he’s originally a Hoosier boy from way back when, and you’ve got yourself a show.  (The title is in reference to some of his song lyrics.)  It was my first trip to that venue, and it seemed like a really cool place to watch a performance.  Since I am small and maneuver well in crowds, I eventually made my way up to the stage, where I got some good pics and video (yes, it was allowed!).  Actually, I didn’t have a choice–most of the time, a ridiculously tall man was standing directly in front of me, swaying irregularly to the music so that I could never guess how I could move to see the show.  It seems like that’s always happening at concerts…that, or you get the really obnoxious drunk guy right next to you.  Overall though, it was a fun time.

After that show was over, my friend Kristie and I went to see her roomates’ band play in Broad Ripple.  About five minutes after we got there, their band’s set ended and another band came up.  They were pretty mediocre, so we left.

And then, Saturday.  My friends were celebrating the first birthday of their little boy, complete with cake escapades.  He was very nervous at first, like he thought he would get into trouble by diving headfirst into the mini-cake, but quickly realized that it was all about him.  I would post a picture, but it seems I have lost the one I uploaded.  Plus I haven’t asked the parents, and some are picky about their children’s pictures being online (but really, WHY?  No one’s going to steal your child’s soul by looking at their picture).  There were some scandalous moments at the birthday party, but I’ll leave them where they lie. 

I left for a bit to run some errands and do stuff that needed to be done, but later returned as the father of the 1-year-old also has a birthday coming up this week, being celebrated via bonfire. It’s almost always a good time sitting around a bonfire, and this time didn’t really disappoint.  The unfortunate part of the evening came as I was getting to go. 

…And I’ve just decided to finish this in another post.