In my typical fashion of waiting a really long time and posting a blog full of random happenings, I present to you just such a curiosity.

Movies I saw recently in the theatre (and by recently I mean within the past two months):

Run Fat Boy, Run —  Delightful comedy by the same folks as did Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.  Title of blog is reference to said film, and also "The Distance" by Cake (which I’m pretty sure was in the film.  I dunno though.  It’s been awhile.).  It concerns a man who, after leaving his pregnant girlfriend at the altar, tries to win her back years later from a seemingly inhumanly awesome male specimen by running a marathon.  I am slightly ashamed to admit that a tear might have escaped when he ran into the arms of his ex-fiancee and son.  I don’t think that really spoils anything though.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall — Yet another comedy (really, my favorite genre).  This one’s about a man trying to get over a horrible breakup, only to find his ex and her new sexually-liberated flame at the same resort in which he’s trying to forget about her.  Hilarity ensues, of course.  Very quotable.  I would actually love to see his Dracula play.


This weekend, while watching a band in a local bar, I witnessed an old man named Walter, aged about 75 (complete with cane and orthopedic shoes), getting down with his bad self on the dance floor.  For more than one song too!  At one point, he actually used his cane to play air guitar.  It was quite inspiring.  I really hope I can still rock out when I’m his age.

As for today, I’ve got two papers to write and a final for which to study, all of which are due tomorrow night.  After that, my semester will be over and I will be free…at least until the first Summer session begins, at which point I will start an online Flash course.  Also?  I am ridiculously shaky today.  I usually have a bit of the shaky hands just genetically (my bro and dad both do too), though it varies to the degree.  Normally people don’t even notice, but every once in a great while it will be bad and people will look at me funny and ask why I’m so shaky.  But today…my asthma medicine has helped the shake really come to a crescendo.  Note to self:  carrying a cuppa boiling-hot tea is not a good idea when you are shaking that badly.