Bridesmaiddress Here, my pretties, is the bridesmaid skirt-top combo I picked out/had picked out for me.  Though the color says pink blush, the website must have some seriously messed up color, because it really is more of a baby pink color.  The color here is…mauve?  But I digress…we were at the bridal shop about 5 minutes early for our appointment, the bride and five of us bridesmaids.  But of course, they weren’t ready for us when our appointed time arrived, and in fact they could not even locate the woman who was supposed to be assisting us during that time!  In the meantime they gave us a little dressing room for all of us to try things on.  Really horrible customer service.  That place was a nightmare.  Our appointment was for 11:30 and we didn’t get out of there until probably 1:30. 

When we arrived back at the bride’s house, we pulled in the driveway to see just in time my ex’s vehicle, knowing that he was in the house.  Let me explain a bit about that whole thing:  I was with this guy for nearly 4 years.  Waste of my life.  I truly thank the Powers That Be that I wasn’t somehow trapped into his family and to him for the rest of my life.  While I really couldn’t care less about him, and it doesn’t bother me that he is one of the groom’s friends (and thus will be in the wedding), I really don’t want to be around him if it is unnecessary, because, well,….he’s still stuck on me.  I really wouldn’t know personally, but the bride tells me that he gets in trouble all the time with his baby-mama for hiding old pictures of me.  Back to the whole returning from dress-shopping though…As we all sat in the car and pondered what we should do, he came out to the car to leave.  I knew he would stare (or heaven forbid, try to talk to me) if I got out even just to get in my car, so I convinced everyone to sit there in the car until he was gone.  A bit ridiculous, I know, but the existence of some people simply disgusts me.

Sunday on the way home from mass, my car started making a new noise, which was this:  major griiiiiiinnnndddding, coming from the passenger side’s back wheel.  Now, I do have a reputation for wearing down brakepads, but the thing is, it’s usually just one breakpad that goes bad.  One would think that if my driving were at fault, the break pads would wear down equally, no?  But instead it’s just the one.  They usually give me some sort of squeak as a warning that this is happening, but this time it went straight to the grind.  Apparently, the other back break had frozen up, and had been that was for some time so that I only had the breaks on that side in the back stopping my entire car.  Anyway, it was finally fixed yesterday, first by a young kid who really didn’t know what he was doing, then by an old man who’d rather chat that get to crackin’ on my breaks and rotor.  For now, the Old Blue Goose (as my grandfather calls it) is up and running relatively well again.

Monday night I got the always brilliant idea that I need to exercise.  I thought to myself, ‘Self, you should go to the gym since you bought that membership in December and have only been there twice.’  And so, I did.  I rummaged around through my drawers and found my workout clothing, which always makes me feel kinda like a badass when I wear them.  Had to have the staff at the gym show me where the ellipticals actually were located, as I had not bothered to get the tour when I signed up.  Even if I had, I probably would have forgotten it at this point in time.  So at first the elliptical was good; I entered my weight, picked the course that was best for the glutes, and away I went.  Things were going fine until about the 11 minute mark, when I suddenly became uncoordinated with the machine.  Things looked bad–I thought I was going to get all tangled up in it and fall over in a clumsy, gasping heap.  But then after a couple minutes further, I synched up again and was able to suffocate suffer gleefully finish the 30-minute course.  My calf muscles feel like they are attacking my leg bones every time I stand or walk (even though I’ve been stretching them often), but yay for me!