…I thought I’d mention Scientology again.  Because, coincidentally, when I came into work Monday morning, we had gotten in a "donation" of Scientology material for the library.  We didn’t ask for it.  We don’t know who in particular "donated" it.  But we received 19 materials, including various books and dvds all about Scientology.  I know.  I mean, I just don’t understand how one can follow a "religion" that basically says that the more money you pay them, the more "enlightened" (so to speak) you will become?  How can you follow the teachings of a man (a science fiction author, natch) who earlier in his life stated that he wanted to start a religion for profit?  "Let’s see how many people we can dupe into this…"  You’d kinda be screwed if you were some poor schmuck working for minimum wage, wouldn’t you? 

Anyway, we don’t know what we’re going to do with the materials.  Certainly we won’t be cataloging and shelving them–even if we didn’t personally believe that it is totally ridiculous, we have limited space and there is no place in our vocational library for religious books or "self-help" as they described it.  Oh, here’s a great part from the letter we received with the materials, "They should be correctly listed under the subjects of: MIND, LIFE, WORK, HAPPINESS, and so on as you will see when you review them."  Nice.  Nice fodder for my blog.

In other news, I went browsing the stores for bridesmaid dresses with a friend for her wedding.  We looked at two major bridal shops in our area, and finally found some reasonably priced separates…though we have to stick with the color (pink), we can pick out our own tops and bottoms that will look best on our figures.  Great idea, I think.  This weekend we all have an appointment to go for fittings, and after that I’ll probably post the glorious creation.  Also last weekend–horror of horrors!! I missed Torchwood!  And I didn’t even remember to record it on DVR!!  AHHHH!!! But fear not dear reader, for I have found a website online where I can watch them…and also the future episodes.  I would expect a couple of episodes ahead since that’s the difference between when they are shown here and in the UK, but there are more episodes than that on there.  Methinks someone who works for BBC must be posting them ahead of their actual airdate.  So actually, I don’t need to watch it on the tele for another three weeks.

Since I’ve gotten in the habit of posting one day/ week, I apologize for the random order/topics that are present.  Moving on…

Monday night, I had a dream about Hillary Clinton.  Now, I don’t really like Mrs. Clinton.  Not at all.  I couldn’t really tell you why, but she just rubs me the wrong way.  So it was unusual that I would dream about her at all, as thinking about her does not take up a large portion of my time, even now.  However, I met her in my dream, and I actually kinda liked her.  We talked about a number of things, including undergrad for some reason, and she told me that when she was president, she would hook me up with a job at the Library of Congress or the UN.  So that was pretty sweet.  Then there was a sort of siren that sounded, signalling either a tornado or an air raid, so we had to go to an underground bunker.  It was just me, Hillary, and for some reason, Bill, in this underground area.  …And then they took off their masksthe Clintons were actually aliens!!!  Not hostile, but still.  Quite a shock for me.  Regardless of the dream, I’m not going to vote for her.  I might take her up on the job offers though.