Kip Dude, Napoleon Dynamite’s brother just walked into the library and asked for a set of headphones.  Or at least it was a man that looked very nearly like him.

And that’s about the most exciting thing that has happened in here today, or for a few weeks.

As for my weekend, it was spent trying to avoid getting fixed up with men.  My mom’s friend called me Friday night and talked on and on about some guy she knows, a paper salesman named Scott, that I just had to meet.  After numerous "no," "no, I don’t want to date anyone," "no, I don’t want to meet anyone," "sorry, I can’t date men named Scott," and "seriously, thanks but no," she persisted, so I finally said, "We’ll see."  Very non-committal, I thought.  But she emailed me his picture all the same, wanting me to return the favor.  How ’bout no?  Then I went to mass Saturday evening for the Palm Sunday celebration.  An older lady there mistakeningly thought I was another woman’s grandchild.  Then, after finding out that at 23, I was too old to be one of the other lady’s grandchildren, she informed me that she has a 33-year-old son that was really nice and had never been married, and I should meet him.  She sort of elbowed me in the ribs and I did a sort of nervous laugh.  I mean, what do you say to that?

Sunday morning was breakfast with an old friend, which was nice as I hadn’t seen him for a while.  We both commiserated on how we were sick of people trying to fix us up (not with each other of course…he’s like my brother).  I had some crazy dreams all weekend.  Two things from my dreams actually came up Sunday:  One, I saw the band name Blind Melon in a dream, then my friend mentioned Blind Melon at breakfast; Two, I had seen bulbs coming up from the ground in my dream, only to discover on Sunday that actually we had some daffodils coming up in the yard fairly early.  This week will be my first back in class in three weeks, because of weather and "Spring Break" (Heh, what a joke). 

Oh, one more thing from this weekend….Torchwood!  Does anyone else watch it?!?  I am basically obsessed with it at the moment.  I knew when Owen died that he couldn’t really be gone, and I was right.  But I must say, I do enjoy the sneak peak I get at next week’s episode, since they are aired a few days earlier in the U.K.  And about Owen…I really am attracted to his character, even though he’s basically an ass and treats Toshiko terribly.  But the episode with the guy that changed their memories showed a bit about the inner Owen, and I think he’s not all that rotten now.  Just have to break a bit through that bad boy, egomaniacal facade.  In reality, men are such cowards.  Sure, they can go into battle when it means certain death, but give them an emotion and *choke* they can’t deal with it.  Owen is just an example of this.