The interviews yesterday were…interesting.  It did indeed feel strange, not because I was one of the people doing the interviewing, but because I was younger than every person we interviewed, and by decades for a few of them.  It’s much the same feeling as I get walking around the halls here with my official-looking magnetic nametag when half of the people who go to school here are twice my age.  And here they are, being nervous around me, asking for my advice and help.  Very odd.

As for my own interview this morning, I was unusually nervous beforehand, though not sure why.  Also, I didn’t have any clue as to how it went once it was finished, much like the interview I had for my current job.  I suppose it was alright….of course, the director made it seem like it was a very difficult job, though it is only a circulation clerk position–easy peasy.  There were 11 applicants, and I was the last to interview.  Next week she’ll be checking references and I should hear back either way by the end of next week.  The hours she told me I’d work were different than the hours I originally thought, so I probably won’t be able to keep this job if I get that one.  I almost wish I wouldn’t get it, even though I need the money.

As for the director herself, I had met her before when I had conducted a reference interview for a class.  She’s nice, fairly young for such a big position (though it is a small-town library).  Apparently, she also has a tea fetish.  She had about (and I am not in any way joking about this or exaggerating) fifty kinds of tea all displayed in her office on a shelf.  She says she drinks it constantly and even offered some to me.  I picked some pomegranate green tea.  The irony of all this is that I decided a couple of days ago that I would start drinking tea like a fiend, sort of fasting in the modern sense, but drinking lots of tea and only two meals (breakfast and dinner).  So I suppose it’s not fasting since it’s more than one meal, but still.  Lots of tea. 
Tea of the Day:  Green Tea

We will see where this leads.  I promise to post any job results on here, or perhaps results of drinking ginormous (suppose that’s how one would spell it) amounts of tea.