A few years ago, the lawmakers of our great state decided that we had better join the rest of our country (with the exception of a few "rogue" sections) and participate in the whole DST bonanza.  Even as they undertook the whole argument about energy-savings, I thought it was ridiculous to claim that it would "add on an extra hour of daylight" because?  Actually, the sun rises and sets according to where it is in relation to the earth, and the direction of the tilt of the earth, not because some lawmakers decided it.  There is the same amount of actual daylight no matter what time you say it is.  Though I have clocks that change on their own when that time of year comes around, I still see it as an unnecessary hassle, one that I haven’t had to bother with for most of my life.

And now, this article presents a study (centered upon our state) showing that there is actually no energy savings with DST; rather, it costs us more money in our personal utilities.  Leave it to Indiana with all of our "peculiarities" to show the world the truth. 

Alas, do I think this will change anything?  Will they admit their mistake and give us back our regular time?  Probably  not.  And if anyone implies that the whole campaign was a waste of money, someone will say we are being unpatriotic.  Blar.

That was my rant for the day.  So terribly sorry.