Last week:

  • Got a haircut, with BANGS.  Haven’t had bangs for a while, though these are quite long, and will probably soon be relegated into being swept to the side with the rest of my hair, never to be seen again.  Lengthwise, I got about 6 inches chopped off, so it was a fair amount.  My hair is about collar-bone length now.  Would take a picture, but I’m too lazy.
  • Tried out a neti pot…y’know, one of those things you use to "irrigate your sinuses"?  I have wanted to try one for a few years, and since they are supposed to be good for allergies and nosebleeds (which I get almost daily in the winter), I decided to give it a go.  Had my brother stand by in case I drowned myself, which I saw as being very likely.  It was a very odd feeling, very wrong, much like when you accidentally get water up your nose in a pool, or when you laugh while drinking something and water goes out your nose.  In other words, it was rather uncomfortable, and made my ears pop painfully for hours afterward.  Methinks this ear-popping could be because I might have "wide eustachian tubes."  The package warned that if you got water in your ears, it could be the cause, and not to use the neti pot anymore.  Wasted money.
  • Got to see John twice.  Sweet.
  • There was a glitch in the payroll department where none of the part-time library employees got checks.  They suggested we wait, as we would get that check plus our next one in two weeks; I suggested they pay the bills that I will have due before then.  They decided to cut me an "emergency check," though that will not get here until hopefully at the latest next Monday.  Seriously, if I am late on my credit card and phone bills because of those jerks, I am going to be majorly angry.
  • Applied for a job elsewhere.  No, not related to the not-paying-me-situation, but just happened to fall the same day.  Another library, more pay, full time, benefits.

This week:

  • Another winter storm Tuesday.  There is a winter storm EVERY tuesday; I am totally not exagerrating.  This whole storm thing wouldn’t be a problem, except that’d the only day of the week that I have to attend classes in person.  I declare, God does not want me to go to class.  It’s that simple.
  • My brother got sick two days ago.  Now I am sick.  Had to miss work this morning because of it, but am "raring to go" this afternoon.
  • My mom somehow seriously injured her lower back Monday and now we have to help her do almost everything.  This wouldn’t be so terribly bad, except she had decided during the weekend that she was going to celebrate two of her friends’ birthdays this week, inviting them and three other friends over.  So I had to cook and clean up after all of these people.  Thanks, mom.
  • I got an email, scheduling an interview for that job for next week!  YAY!!! Please, please, please let me get that job and the other thing I’m asking for, and if so, I will never ask for anything else serious ever again.  Well, that’s probably not true.  But I will be extremely grateful.  Wish me luck on all counts.