On the way home from class Tuesday night, my car decided to make a new noise, a sort of rattley-screechy type of noise.  Really it is more of a rattle at this point than a screech, but I know that if it continues, it shall be a long, continued screech, forcing me to turn up my radio to drown out the horrid sound (sorry to those on the street).  This being Thursday, I have neglected to get it looked at because A) that costs money B) I’m hoping it will stop all on its own and C) I have a strange feeling the noise is related to the brakes, which means really a lot a money.  As my brother so aptly declared last night, I just need a new car.  But alas, with the budget of a part-time worker, full-time grad student, that is not to be.  I’m really going to hope the sound disappears on its own.

In other news, there was a lunar eclipse last night!  An eclipse which, for some reason, everyone was very excited about!  (I’m including myself in this, though the reason for my excitement boggles me.)  When the eclipse first began, my mother announced it to everyone in the house.  The next two hours or so involved the front door being opened approximately 52 times, when the four inhabitants of our home would venture out (at different times) into the cold and snow to look at the moon for a couple of seconds, only to retreat back to the warmth of the house.  It really was a beautifully clear night, though for the life of me I cannot understand why I couldn’t have just looked at pictures of it the next day, or at the very least looked out the window.  Mass hysteria, methinks.  My mom’s boyfriend even took pictures of it that probably will not turn out at all.  He’s a strange one, he is.  Tangential story:  the passenger seat of my mom’s car is his command center, so to speak.  He stores everything there, including his electric shaver and a toothbrush, not to mention various bits of paper and writing utensils.  While leaving to go shopping with my mom a couple of weeks ago, I noticed something strange stored in the vanity mirror-thingy…and this strange object was part of the claw of a crab.  "Why the hell does Jim have a crab claw in here?"  "Oh….*very quiet*…you don’t want to know…he uses it to pick his teeth…"

I can’t make this stuff up.

In other news, I have a load of homework to do, which may or may not get done.  Also, someone needs to take my credit card away from me, as I cannot be trusted with it; I have this idea that if I buy spring- and summer-related merchandise (mostly clothing, I assure you), warm weather will miraculously appear.  If by some chance it does happen, though, you can thank me with gifts of money to pay off my card.