I have been a horrible blogger lately, as in not blogging at all.  So very sorry.  I can’t say I’ve been terribly busy, but my mind has been on vacation.  Those are the only poor excuses you are going to get.

‘So what has she been up to?’ you might be asking yourself.  Well, we’ve had a rash of strange weather around these parts.  The temperature has been oscillating between wind chills of -0 degrees fahrenheit and 55 degrees.  This is where I tell you that there is a spot on the ceiling in my bathroom.  This was originally just a water spot, but sometime over the summer, it turned into a small hole in the ceiling, with black mold growing out from it.  So of course I was very concerned: OMG THE BLACK MOLD OF DEATH!!!  Here I am with asthma and allergies and the deadly black mold will slowly take over and kill me!!!  I spent quite a few weeks telling my mom that something must be done about the situation; the landlords must do something to fix the roof and the ceiling because the BMOD has created unsafe living conditions.  Her reply, after a while, became that her boyfriend had gone into the attic and "fixed" the leak.  She quickly cleaned the mold off of the ceiling to allay my fears.  HOWEVER, dear reader, this was all a big sham.  The leak is not fixed.  The BMOD continues to flourish, expanding to cover a 5 inch in diameter area.  Whenever it rains, we have to keep a bucket under the hole.  I bring this up so that you might understand when I tell you I was very frightening the other night that the ceiling would cave in on me as I brushed my teeth.  See, normally when it rains, you get a "drop….drop……….drop………..drop…..," but as I stood in front of the sink, getting ready for bed, I started to hear, "drop……drop…drop..drop, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip."  It was nearly pouring out of the ceiling before long, and I was very concerned as to whether I could finish brushing my teeth before I was covered in insulation, rain water, and musty cardboard boxes.  I survived, and the ceiling has not as yet collapsed, but the end cannot be far away.  As I write, I’m sure the BMOD is causing the decay of the timbers that provide the structure for the house. 

My mom went on her free trip to the Bahamas she won from Bob & Tom over Super Bowl weekend.  Turns out, she was sick the whole time, and could not enjoy it one bit.  She came back with pneumonia, and is hard at work, spreading the illness to all who live in our house.  There were a couple of days when I thought to myself, "Self, this is it.  This is the Big Sickness you have been feeling coming on for some time."  And then I’m fine throughout most of the day.  Perplexing.

Also recently?  The night before last, the wind decided to knock down some important lines somewhere, leaving us without power for two hours.  I would not have minded so much, except that is was freezing outside and I hadn’t had anything to eat since that morning, it being about 9 in the evening, and I had been planning on heating up some pizza.  I had recently been thinking about how I would really like one of those old kerosene lanterns with the hurricane glass that you can carry around on farms and such, and this would have been a great time to have one.  At any rate, I we had were smelly candles, and I missed the new episode of Torchwood on BBC America.  Blar.

Plan for tonight: return lots of books to the library.