Two amazing facts I learned today from this article: (1) There is such a thing as a "humor tumor" (mentioned in paragraph after the paragraph next to the picture of a couple, third sentence) and (2) laughter can cause death in extreme cases.  That I might die from laughing too hard disturbs me greatly.  I mean, there have been many times where I laughed so hard and so long that I wondered if I might die, but I never seriously thought that that was a possible outcome.  I’ll be sure to steer clear of comedians in the future.  And also my coworker, to whom I just suggested that he should spend his days coming up with creative names for pornos.

In other news…I got to see my friend’s baby this weekend!  It’s so hard to get ahold of her, but I went over there and got to see her little girl, whom I have nicknamed Gigi (her real name being Gianni).  It seems to have stuck somewhat with others as well, for I have heard her called "Gigi poopypants."  Not as attractive, but I guess you get what you can when you’re an infant.  She’s two months old today.  I’d post a picture, but I forgot to ask Amber if that was okay with her, so maybe later.

Also, I don’t remember if I’ve written about this yet on here, but I’ve decided that I don’t want to be a school librarian any more, but a reference librarian.  The major problem with this is that all four of the classes for which I registered this semester are specifically geared towards the school media thing.  Really it is too late to begin a new class at this point, basically making this semester a waste of time for me.  However, I did drop the SLIS class that was geared specifically towards school teachers since I have to take a nearly identical one for the reference specialization.  That leaves three classes, one of which I can still count towards my 21hours of MLS electives, but the other two are from the School of Education and thus cannot be counted towards ANYTHING in my degree.  Waste of time and money.  But I still need to be at least a half-time student, so I need to keep them.  Might drop one of the education classes, since I think I can drop one more and still be half-time.

That is all.