Monday: Mom calls me at 8am to tell me that she hit my car on her way to work this morning.  At least my driver’s side door now matches the passenger side.

Tuesday: Freak out all day long as I realize that I have so much work in my online classes, much more than the classes I attend.  Am slightly calmer about the situation now.

Wednesday: Was at Petsmart when I noticed the birds.  In the cage labled "Diamond Dove," the male had lowered his head and raised his tail, with feathers splayed like a peacock. He then proceeded to do a little mating dance, hopping and turning about around the female.  I was mesmerized; she wasn’t impressed.  He stopped when he noticed I was watching.  But for a moment, it was like watching the Discovery channel, only with flourescent lighting.

Thursday night: Went to the gym for the first time since I got a membership.  Yoga class was nice.  I actually liked the instructor, which was astonishing.  We held many of the asanas for longer than I would have liked, and there were a number of times when I would have preferred to go into deeper stretches, had time permitted.  I’ll definitely be going back, though.  Only drawback to gym membership so far: skeezy looks from guys going into the gym.  *shudders*  It’s like they’ve never seen a girl in yoga clothes before.

This morning: Went out to my car to go to work. Car didn’t start.  In fact, car would not even turn over.  Battery has bit the dust.  So, Tara, if you’re reading this, I might not be able to come out tonight for your b-day on account of my car is a piece of crap.  Sorry.  Though my horoscope did say that this morning would be crappy, but the rest of the day would totally make up for it.  So looking forward to that (as if those things are ever accurate).

All for now.  Cannot be bothered to type in complete sentences.